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Terms and Conditions

Requirements for businesses to appear in Eat & Drink Directory on the Albany Visitor Centre website

  • Open and trading.
  • Consistently keep regular weekly opening hours.
  • Keep the information and content on your listing up to date as required

Requirements of content and description

  • Complimentary listing includes business name, phone number, address, opening hours and a brief description.
  • Description must be factual and not inflammatory or over shadowing other business. You can be a “great café on York Street” not “the best café on York Street”. Awards received in the past 3 years may be listed in your description, but simply describing your business as “world famous” or the “best” without relevant documentation will not be included.
  • Please keep descriptions brief (25 words or less). Do not use more than 6 images.
  • Your listing cannot contain any images or words likely to be offensive to the public, and information must be accurate, factual and up to date.
  • Images uploaded must be appropriate quality for use on websites and the business must have the rights to use the image.

The Albany Visitor Centre reserves the right to edit or remove listings that do not comply with the requirements listed above.