Advertise your business with the Albany Visitor Centre

Western Australian businesses looking to promote their product directly through the Albany Visitor Centre and the Albany Regional Airport can do so via the following advertising opportunities: 

  • Digital Screen advertising
  • Digital window projections (evenings only)
  • Brochure racking at the Albany Visitor Centre and the Albany Regional Airport.
  • Digital advertising at the Albany Regional Airport

Businesses are welcome to select one or more options, as per the City of Albany Schedule of Fees and Charges

Digital Advertising is available on the Albany Visitor Centre touchscreens, the television screen displays in the Visitor Information Area, and through projections on the windows facing York Street that are illuminated in the evenings. Using these, businesses can promote their product directly to visitors. During the Visitor Centre's opening hours, our staff can provide further information to visitors and when available, on-sell your product.

Touchscreen Advertising

Your advertisement will run on the screen saver on all available touch screens (six) located in the Visitor Information Area. There are only a total of six advertising spaces available, with each advertisement appearing once every minute for ten seconds when the touchscreens aren’t in use. These are suitable for still images only.

Television Screen Advertising

There are two television screens available for advertising located in the Visitor Information area, each with three advertising slots. The screens are best suited to videos with subtitles or slide show. Each advertising slot is a maximum of two minutes. Please note that the advertising fee is for one advertising slot on one screen, and that there is no sound available.

Digital Window Advertising

From nightfall, the Albany Visitor Centre windows illuminate with images and information. The advertising space is sold per pane, with not limit on the number of slides or the length of the video. These will loop throughout the evening. Businesses are welcome to purchase multiple windows.

Advertisers are responsible to create and provide their own artwork and or video. See the table below for the sizes required and cost. We recommend that your artwork contain:

  • high-quality images or least 300dpi and about 2MB
  • Your business name and logo
  • Product title
  • Details of where to get more information.
  • Call to action (i.e. Book now, find us on York Street)

Digital Advertising


Spots available/month

What you get

Image Dimensions

Suitable for

Touchscreen Screen Saver



10 seconds every 1 minute on 4 screens in the Visitor Centre

1920*1080px (w*h)

Still images or advertisements

Television Screen



Maximum 2 minute per video, appears on one screen only in the Visitor Centre

 Up to 2560*1080px (w*h) 

1920*1080px (w*h) also can be used

Stills in a slideshow format or Videos with subtitles, no audio available

Windows (Evening Only)



One window panel per booking, no limit on slides or video length. Outside the Visitor Centre. Visible when dark.

340*831px (w* h)

Stills images, videos or animations made to the dimensions of the window.

 The information and images provided:

  • Must not contain any content likely to be offensive to the public.
  • Must be accurate, factual and up to date.
  • Must have obtained the appropriate permissions to use or own the images used.

The Albany Visitor Centre reserves the right to remove the advertisement if the advertiser does not meet the above criteria.

The Albany Visitor Centre manages brochure racking at two locations; the Albany Visitor Centre and the Albany Regional Airport.

Brochures displayed at the Albany Visitor Centre and/or the Albany Regional Airport must meet the following requirements:

  • DL in size (DL measures 99mm x 210mm – exactly one-third of A4)
  • Must be of appropriate quality, colour printed on 80gsm gloss paper or better.
  • Cannot contain any images or words likely to be offensive to the public.
  • Brochure information must be accurate, factual and up to date.
  • A sufficient quantity must be provided, relevant to the anticipated demand.
  • Delivered to the Albany Visitor Centre at the cost of the operator.

Racking at the Albany Visitor Centre and Albany Regional Airport is available to all Western Australian Product and is displayed under the following categories, and when required by location.

  • Attractions
  • Tours
  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Accommodation
Location Cost Per Brochure Per Year
Albany Visitor Centre $72.00
Albany Regional Airport

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