Getting Here

From Perth

Located on Western Australia’s southern coast, Albany is 421 kilometres south of Perth. 

By Car Perth to Albany is 421 kilometres. It takes approximately 4 hours 35 minutes to drive from Perth to Albany. Roads and conditions vary across the state and we advise that visitors to Western Australia take the time to review the safety information provided on the Road Safety Commission website.
By Bus TransWA operates the Perth to Albany bus service departs from Transwa Bay Transwa East Perth and arrives in Proudlove Parade Transwa Albany. Typically 11 buses run weekly, although weekend and holiday schedules can vary, so check in advance. The fastest bus generally takes six hours.
By Air

Regional Express offers flights from Perth Airport to Albany Airport. It takes approx. 1.25 Hours and flights are available every day

Air charters are offered from Perth Airport to Albany Airport. Companies including Legendaire offer day trips and more.

From Margaret River

By Car The driving distance between Albany to Margaret River is 378 kilometres. It takes approximately 4.5 hours to drive from Albany to Margaret River.
By Bus There is no direct bus. However, services depart from Proudlove Parade Transwa Albany and arrive at Charles West Avenue Transwa Margaret River via Brockman Street Transwa Pemberton. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 7 hours.

From Esperance

By Car Albany is just under 500 kilometres away from Esperance. The fastest route is along South Coast Highway (National Route 1), which passes through Ravensthorpe, but you will notice that along the way, most of the best sights will be a detour from the highway, as the highway runs inland, and most of the towns and national parks are all found along the coast.