Former HMAS Perth II Dive Wreck

The Former HMAS Perth II Dive Wreck is a must for diving enthusiasts visiting the Albany region. Since the ship was laid to rest off the coast of Albany in 2001, it has become one of Australia’s most renowned diving sites.

Serving in the Royal Australian Navy, the HMAS Perth sailed more than a million nautical miles in deployments worldwide. The vessel was damaged by enemy fire in the Vietnam conflict, and the exploding shell wounded four sailors. Two were severely wounded and had to be airlifted to the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany and from there to a Naval hospital.

The wreck is located 500m southwest of Seal Island in King George Sound. Recreational divers can follow the interpretive trail around the 133-metre long artificial dive reef to discover more about the ship’s historical past. See where the ship came under fire during the Vietnam War with remnant shellfire still visible, or find their way to the captain’s chair.

Today the wreck has extensive coral and sponge growth and is home to many fish species, including yellow tails, carpet sharks and kingfish. Plaques have been placed near habitats of plant and marine life so you can learn about the fascinating ecosystem that has developed since the ship’s sinking.

It is highly recommended that divers contact the experienced South Coast Diving Supplies team before exploring the HMAS Perth II wreck. They are always happy to assist and have a broad knowledge of local dive sites.

Humpback whales often visit King George Sound during their migration, so keep an eye out while diving or snorkelling for these fascinating mammals.

The wreck diving site celebrated its 20th birthday in November 2021. Read more about its history and the insights from experienced local and Dive Shop owner Gary Wellstead here.