Orca/Killer Whale Experiences

Each year between January and March Bremer Bay is the ideal base for those wanting to experience the Bremer Canyon and the Killer Whale tours, this is a unique adventure into the Southern Ocean.


Experience this unique wildlife expedition that has gained worldwide acclaim by both adventurist travellers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

Travel by one of the two tour companies Sixty kilometres offshore to where the continental shelf drops off to the deeper ocean of the Bremer Bay Canyon. The canyon is 200km in length, 70km wide and over 3.5km deep.

Over 200 Orcas have been named and catalogued by research teams. Orcas are curious creatures and often surround the vessels. You may see them hunting and working together to attack their prey.

You cannot see the Orcas from the shore, so book your experience with Albany Visitor Centre

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