Nature-Based Camping in Albany

There are six nature-based campgrounds located within Albany, and two Parks and Wildlife managed campgrounds.

Five of these campgrounds are fee-free, except for Cape RicheShelley Beach, and Waychinicup Inlet.

Sites cannot be pre-booked. Therefore, please plan your trip accordingly so that you have time to find alternative accommodation if they are complete. Please only camp within designated camping bays.


  • A seven-day maximum stay applies
  • Public toilets are available, although water is non-potable. Drinking water is open in Albany or other townsites such as Manypeaks and Wellstead.
  • Rubbish facilities are provided. However, we encourage campers to take your rubbish with you due to limited capacity, especially over peak periods and follow the Leave No Trace principles.
  • No fires are allowed at any time (except at Cape Riche)
  • Dogs are permitted, however, are to be on a leash at all times (except for Cape Riche Waychinicup Inlet and Shelley Beach)
  • There is limited to no mobile reception
  • Cape Riche has a full-time caretaker, whereas the other campgrounds generally have Camp Hosts during peak seasons (November-April)

To access the Albany Nature-Based Campgrounds Interactive Mapping Tool and associated information, please click here.

To access the Camping in Albany PDF, please click here.

Please refer below for further detailed information on each campground.

City of Albany Campgrounds

Cosy Corner East

Cosy Corner East is located 35km west of the Albany townsite. The camping area is appropriate for both caravans and tents and is accessible by 2WD vehicles. It is a well-protected campground within Peppermint woodlands and coastal heath, situated within easy walking distance to the beach for swimming, fishing and paddling. There are two camping areas: the upper area has 21 bays suitable for caravans, whilst the lower area is designated for tent camping only with 15 bays. Facilities include an RV dump point. 

Torbay Inlet (Floodgates)

Torbay Inlet camping area (also known as Floodgates) is located 30km west of the Albany townsite. The camp area is 2WD accessible along an unsealed gravel road. However, it is not suitable for larger caravans due to small turnaround areas, smaller sized campsite bays, and low over-hanging branches. It is a shady campsite under mature Peppermint trees on the banks of the Torbay Inlet, which is suitable for fishing, swimming and paddling. The campground is comprised of 5 small caravan bays and 16 tent bays. The ocean can be accessed via a short walk or along a 4WD track located 1km before reaching the camping area off Torbay Inlet Rd.

East Bay

East Bay camping area is located 45km east of the Albany townsite. It is a very small campsite within Eucalypt Mallee shrubland with direct access to the beach. Although it is 2WD accessible, it is not suitable for caravans or large campervans due to the steep nature of the access road and limited turning within the campsite area. The campground has a limited number of non-demarcated campsite areas. Camping on the beach is not permitted.


Bettys Beach

Bettys Beach camping area is located 50km east of the Albany townsite. It is a small campsite within coastal health with direct access to the beach and spectacular coastal views. It is 2WD accessible. However, there is a highly steep access road with a small turnaround area.

Camping is not permitted on the beach, which has extremely soft sand and is exposed to the surf and tides, posing a significant risk. Camping is also not allowed from Mid-February till the end of April each year when professional fishers utilise the site. However, it can be used as a day-use area.

Normans Beach

Normans Beach camping area is located approximately 50km east of the Albany townsite. It is 2WD accessible. However, it is not suitable for large caravans due to smaller turnaround areas and limited camping sites. It offers a protected and shady campsite under Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Melaleuca trees with up to 6 demarcated campsite bays situated approximately 350m back from the beach on the edge of the Normans Inlet. A walk track and steps provide access to the beach, while the inlet is suitable for fishing, paddling and swimming.

Cape Riche

Cape Riche is a managed campsite with a caretaker present all year round, with fees applicable. It is located approximately 100km east of the Albany townsite and is accessible by 2WD, although access is via an 18km unsealed road south of Wellstead. There are about 20 campsite areas and a defined day-use area. Visitors to Cape Riche can enjoy fishing, swimming, snorkelling, and bushwalking. Boats can be launched from the beach.

Facilities include public toilets, cold showers, non-potable running water, a fish cleaning station, public barbeques, and bins. Fires are allowed under strict guidance from the on-site caretaker, but you must bring in your firewood before reaching the site. No dogs are allowed.

Fees are collected daily, with a fee of $20 per night per site for up to 2 Adults and 2 Children. Additional adult fees are $9/pp/night, and additional Children (6-16yrs) are $3/pp/night; EFTPOS is available and is preferred. Sites are on a first-come-first-served basis and cannot be pre-booked. For site-specific enquiries, please contact the Caretaker at Cape Riche: (08) 9847 3088.

 National Park Campgrounds

Shelley Beach

Parks and Wildlife manage Shelley Beach Campground. Campers can pitch a tent at Shelley Beach Campground, which has a long drop toilet.

Shelley Beach is not suitable for caravans or camper trailers. Only tents & small camper vans (without side awnings) are permitted for overnight stays.

No Campfires or solid fuel appliances (including stoves, barbeques and heaters) at any time.

Campers own liquid or gas fuel barbeques, stoves, and heaters that can be used at any time unless a total fire ban has been declared. Pets are not allowed, and sites are on a first-come-first-served basis and cannot be pre-booked.

$11 per person per night $7 concessions

Photo by Tourism WA

Waychinicup Inlet

Waychinicup Inlet is a Parks, and Wildlife managed campground. Campsites surround the protected inlet, which is popular for fishing, canoeing and swimming. 

Pets are not allowed, and sites are on a first-come-first-served basis and cannot be pre-booked. The road is 2 wheel drive suitable but is subject to flooding. This site is not suitable for caravans with facilities including a drop toilet and picnic facilities

$11 per person per night $7 concessions $3 child per night.

RV dump points

There are four RV dump points within the City of Albany.

  • Town information bay on Albany Highway (opposite Le Grande Ave)
  • Amity Quays off Princess Royal Drive (near the Brig Amity)
  • Cosy Corner East campgrounds, off Cosy Corner Road (waterless dump point)
  • Wellstead Townsite on South Coast Highway (in the eastern section)

Please ensure that you thoroughly wash down the dump point after using it with the water provided. Report any damage or issues to 1800 633 000.